Broadwater Coffee Brewing Company


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721 6th St SW, Great Falls, MT 59404


A local coffee shop serving some of the best coffee and drinks in Great Falls, MT.
Hot Drinks – Cold Drinks – Waffles – Burritos – Breakfast Sandwiches

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About Broadwater Coffee

About Broadwater Coffee Brewing and Roasting Co.

Great Falls Montana

Ten years ago, when we started this adventure, we didn’t, “know coffee.” In fact, the drink menu at the big coffee chains was a little intimidating, and coffee wasn’t even our favorite thing. A friend introduced us to the coffee industry shows, and a true love started to grow.
We realized at the time, that there were very few options in the way of specialty coffee in our little town (Great Falls, MT) and as we traveled and learned and found love for all the beautiful things about coffee, we wanted to share it with our friends and neighbors.
It was from this desire to share our passions and pleasures that our business was born. As we tossed around ideas about how to name this project, so many fun and funny ideas came up. It took us years to find the right fit. Yep. Years. All of that time, we were honing our craft and learning to embrace the things that make our lives great at home: The rivers and mountains and the amazing people around us. The friendly current that flows through our community.
Today, we present you, Broadwater Coffee Brewing Company. And while we haven’t figured out how to grow the best coffee here, we are truly homegrown. And we’re proud of that. We’re not just trendy or cute. Or overly sophisticated. We don’t want to be a place you need a dictionary to order a drink. We’re down-to-Earth and – GROUNDED. Exactly the way home should feel: warm and friendly and consistent. We welcome our family, friends, and neighbors to come and learn to love crafted coffee for all the reasons we did.
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